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Welcome to Birtus website!!

In this site you can download de ultimate version of Birtus application.

Birtus is an application for .Net Framework 3.0 or higher that allows us to generate a .Net entire solution ready for execution. Birtus has its own graphical interface for our applications.

Birtus is free and you can reference in your .Net projects anddistribute completely free.

It also has an engine called BirtusEngine that allows us to reference it in our projects and use more than 40 different classes and over 200 functions (socket client-server, server-client files, HTML report generator, Image management functions, internet functions, network management, access data for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, and Access, and so on).

In the Birtus application main window you can access to two PDF files with 200 pages of documentation to operate with this project.

Download Birtus here!!

Birtus is a project that users can download and distributed without cost and without any limitation. This project does not make money for us, but we ask you to do click on the links below this text. This helps us to keep working on this free project.

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